Gracewear is a leader in silk screen printed and embroidered apparel. We are a professional t-shirt printing company that focuses on taking care of our customers. You get high quality prints at affordable prices. Get fast turnaround on all t-shirts orders within Seven business days from art approval. We handle every step of the t-shirt printing and embroidery process in house.

We have affordable pricing and additional discounts available to School and Clubs.

Gracewear offers a one stop shop for your printing needs. We also offer Digital Printing, Banners and other services. All work is done in house without the need to send work to get outsourced which gives us a competive edge, give you lower prices without compromising quality.

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Whether you need us to create a logo, revise your existing artwork or just prepare your art for printing, we're happy to help!


Our art department will bring your t-shirt design ideas to life! Our t-shirt designers are some of the best in the industry. We design custom t-shirts for Schools, business logos, fundraisers, booster clubs, youth camps, team sports, churches, reunions, clubs, gifts and more!

As always, WE HAVE NO ART FEES OR SETUP CHARGES! when you purchase custom apparel.


1. Designing the Art

It all starts with your ideas. Your idea is taken to our in house designers who make a computer generated version of that idea using Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop, incorporating the t-shirt color(s) and ink colors you have chosen for your order. Once the design has been completed it is sent to you for approval. Nothing is ever printed without the customer approval of the artwork.

2. Process the Art

Once you approve your design, it goes to our production artist, who take your design apart with a method called color seperation. Each color of the design will have its own screen. Before the production artist can take the design to the screen department they must print each color on a film positive.

3. Preparing the Screen(s)

Screen printing relys on well constructed screens. The film positives from the production artist go to the screen department, who prepares the screen by coating it with photosensitive emulsion. The color seperated positive is attached to the emulsion coated screens, and taken to be burned for t-shirt printing. This process is done for each color of your design.

The screen is placed into a unit that exposes it to ultraviolet light. The ultraviolet light burns the design into the mesh. Water is then used to remove the excess emulsion to let ink come through the screen. This is very important to get the best screen printing results.

4. Screen Printing Your Custom T-Shirts

Screen printing finishes by transferring the ink through the screen onto the shirt. To begin this process, the press is loaded with the mesh screens. Ink colors are then poured onto the proper screens.

The screen printer then loads the t shirt making sure that it is even and sitting straight on the t-shirt plat. Once it is loaded properly the printer lowers the screen (or on the bigger presses, raises the shirts) and pulls the ink across the design with a rubber squeegee.

The t-shirt is then removed and placed on a belt that runs under a special dryer. This dryer will cure the ink at 320°F. At the end of the dryer, Quality Control inspects each garment to ensure the garment meets our high quality standards. Hope you have enjoyed this explaination of the screen printing process.

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Gracewear can print smaller quantities with this method. We are able to print photos and designs with numerous colors without all the cost of screens and set up. This method is perfect for those looking for something more cost efficient. Also, because of the this method, it ONLY allows us to print on "light" colored Garements. For example, white, Sport Grey, Light Blue, and Ash.

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Our custom embroidery services are among the best in the t shirt embroidery industry. Our embroidery company can create custom embroidered caps, golf polos, and t shirts with your custom design or logo. Embroidered monograms and personalizations are a great way to customize t shirts, polos, denim and dress shirts. Get your embroidered t shirts today!

We purchase t shirts, polos, baseball caps, and tote bags in bulk so that we can offer discount embroidery services. Prices are calculated on a per stitch basis. We digitize your custom design or business logo to determine the stitch count. The stitch count indicates the amount of time required to embroider baseball caps, golf polos, and t shirts. The lower the stitch count, the lower the cost!

RUSH! Service Available

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